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Impact Sports Organic CBD Oil 10%


Impact Sports hemp carried CBD Oil 10% Full Spectrum

Taken daily before sleep and will help ease the impact on the joints, muscles and even the mind. Give your body the extra help it needs to recover form those high impact workouts and sports.

Sublime Hemp CBD oil is fully legal in the UK it has 0.002% THC content – YOU WILL NOT GET HIGH!

Our ancestors used and knew of the benefits of CBD. Findings show CBD is beneficial for the immune system, anti inflammatory properties, mental health benefits and all round general wellbeing. Full Spectrum CBD oil is referred to as whole plant CBD, you get essential vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, protein, terpenes, and fibre.In all you get all the incredible offerings that cannabis has to give you (minus the stoned/high feeling) vs. regular isolated CBD

  • 1ml = 50mg of CBD
  • Each 10ml bottle contains 1000mg of CBD concentrate
  • Third party tested by PhytoVista Laboratories
  • UK lab report provided with every order

INGREDIENTS: Cannabis Sativa CBD Concentrate (5%) extracted from pure organic Cannabis Sativa L. & Hemp Seed Oil (95%) – THC <0.2% 500mg CBD in 10ml Bottle – 50mg CBD per 1ml – 20 x Drops per ml – 2.5mg CBD per Drop.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Start with 2-4 CBD oil drops twice a day under the tongue (for fast absorption – try and hold for a 60-90 seconds before swallowing)